Nuno Osório was born in Lamego, where he started his musical studies at the age of 10, in Escola de Música da Sociedade Filarmónica and Banda Juvenil de magueija, as a percussionist, with his teacher Fausto Ribeiro and the maestro Avelino Ribeiro. Years later, Nuno Osório became the artistic director of the school.

In 1988, he studied in Academia de Música de lamego with teacher Paulo Xavier and, in 1996, he entered Guarda Nacional Republicana as an Honorary Musician.

Later on, he went to Conservatório D. Dinis, in Odivelas, to study percussion with the teacher Fátima Juvandes. At the same time, he worked with the teachers Filipe Simões and Richard Buckley.

Nuno graduated in Composição in Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espetáculo, ESMAE, in Oporto, under the guidance of the teachers Eugénio Amorim, Carlos Guedes, Dimitris Andrikopoulus, Filipe Vieira, Filipe Lopes e Fernando Lapa. He participated also in several workshops with well-known composers, such as Jonathan Harvey, Kaija Saariaho e Bruce Pennycook.

His work as a composer is based essentially on producing electronic/electro-acoustic and chamber music to movies, to TV programs and to the symphonic and wind orchestras. His music is published by “Molenaar Edition BV”, a Dutch publishing company, and by “Afinaudio”, a Portuguese publishing house.

In May 2011, his work Déjà-Vu was premiered by the Symphonic Orchestra of ESMAE in Helena Sá da Costa’s theatre, in Oporto. This same work was also presented in July 2011 by the Symphonic Orchestra of Casa da Música do Porto. In 2015, he won the 3rd prize of the 1st Composition Competition Rio Tinto’s City, Portugal.

Nuno Osório created the original soundtracks for the movies Just fly, by the American film director Nathan Efstation; Directo, by the Portuguese film director Pedro farate; and Desespero, by the also Portuguese film director Rui Pilão.

His works to the Sopros Orchestra have been presented and performed by Banda de Música do Exército and by Bandas Sinfónicas da GNR, da PSP, da Força Aérea, among others.

The composer took a master’s degree in Direção de Orquestra de Sopros in University of Aveiro (UA). He studied Direção de Orquestra with Barbara Franke, Eugénio Amorim, Paulo Martins, Ernest Schelle, André Granjo and António Vassalo Lourenço (Maestro da Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras) and attended the curso o Direção de Orquestra de Sopros oriented by the maestro José Ignacio Petit.

In 2014, as a maestro, he conducted the Estágio de Orquestra de Sopros e Percurssão, in the island of São Miguel, Açores, after the invitation of Lira estrela de candelária and, tow years later, in 2016, following the invitation by the Filarmónica Boa Vontade Lorvanense, he presided the lecture of Direção de Orquestra de Sopros.

Nowadays, Nuno osório works as a Percussion Instrumentalist in banda Marcial do Porto da Guarda Nacional republicana, as Primeiro-Sargento, and is the Artistic Director of Banda Marcial de Ancede, Baião.